ExpertFinder Enterprise - Knowledge management in large companies

C³ ExpertFinder Enterprise Ed. is a unique way to help you capture documents and employee skills in large organizations and enables a new way of knowledge management that saves you time and money.


The software indexes any document repositories and automatically collects employee competence profiles. It provides search and analysis functions and enables the targeted retrieval of documents and competent contact persons as well as the early recognition of trends and competence gaps. This makes existing know-how visible and thus usable. This opens up new possibilities for the company to reduce costs and increase productivity.


ExpertFinder saves more than it costs

ExpertFinder enables savings that far exceed costs simply by saving time on day-to-day employee searches. In addition, there are the positive effects on the cooperation climate of the organization as well as the strategic advantages through the analysis of trends and competence gaps and the avoidance of duplication of effort.

Where does ExpertFinder help?

Especially in large and distributed, but also in medium-sized companies, the overview of the competencies and activities of the employees is quickly lost. If a colleague cannot solve a problem alone, a competent contact person must be found. This is where the challenge lies: the larger an organisation, the more likely it is that a suitable employee already exists - but the more difficult it is to find him or her. The search for a contact person costs the employee time and the company money. If no contact person is found, tasks are performed suboptimally or duplication of work occurs.

How does ExpertFinder help?

ExpertFinder automatically collects and updates employee competence profiles based on typical electronic documents of employees: presentations, minutes, project reports, publications, literature, etc. All given requirements with regard to data protection and privacy are met (see below). The individual employee has practically no further effort to invest in maintaining his or her profile after a one-off setup.

The new Autoprofiling feature fully automates profiling based on corporate documents. Using innovative algorithms, each employee is automatically assigned relevant documents that are suitable for automated competence determination. Here, too, employees can easily view and edit the documents at a later date.


From the outset, data protection was one of the basic requirements in the design of the application. Employees have full visibility and control over their own profiles and data sources. Only explicitly released data can be viewed by third parties. No information is collected without the user's knowledge or control. Profiles can be changed or deleted at any time.

Trends and competence gaps

Not only employees benefit from the possibility to find the right contact person quickly and reliably at any time. Other areas such as Human Resources also benefit from this possibility, for example when it comes to setting up project teams or restructuring. In particular, the ExpertFinder software provides trends and possible competence gaps. Current topics are recorded promptly. Even more important: Competence gaps can now be systematically identified. The danger of 'oversleeping' current trends is thus reduced to a minimum.

Modern UI

The user interface of the application has been completely redesigned and optimized for use by mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets (responsive design). The use of moderate and modern JavaScript libraries and a reduction to the essentials results in an outstanding user experience.

Easy and fast setup and integration

ExpertFinder can be quickly and easily embedded into existing IT infrastructures. There are practically no preconditions for use. It can be easily docked to an existing user administration such as Active Directory, SharePoint or an LDAP directory so that no media breaks occur. On the employee side, the system can be operated either simply via web browser or conveniently via the user client. Seamless embedding in any area of the website is easily possible using JavaScript-based embedding - no redirects or iFrames are required. The application naturally adapts to the given corporate design.

Administration and Moderation

The system includes an administration tool that can be used to perform common administration tasks such as creating, maintaining and deleting employee profiles, resetting user passwords or importing employee profiles.
The administration tool allows circulars to be sent by e-mail to dedicated addressees who can be precisely filtered according to a variety of criteria. It is no longer necessary to proceed according to the "watering can" principle. Finally, daily backups are created automatically and can be easily restored if user profiles are unintentionally overwritten.

Knowledge Management Solutions

Effective and enduring knowledge management using ExpertFinder Enterprise


Cluster Management Solutions

Transparency and fostering of competitiveness - cluster management and CRM using ExpertFinder B2B


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